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:iconstitchthebest36:Stitchthebest36 posted a status
New Stitch! anime special is on the way!
Quick update!……

...GUYS?! Stitch folk!? There's a new "Stitch! ~Zutto Saiko no Tomodachi~" special coming this summer to Disney Channel Japan, just announced on Stitch Day (6/26). The special is called "Stitch! Perfect Memory" and while it is a Zutto special (hype's lowered due to that, Planet of Sand I was so-so with for the most part), I am gonna look into it when it drops later in the year, as there is no air date in Japan yet, nor will there be one dubbed for a while. Note the promotional artwork too, it looks WAY more Disney than usual. Did Shin-Ei like... jump ship? 'Cuz if so, maybe we'll get Disney Japan at the helm? Maybe the animation'll be fluid as heck? Or... maybe Shin-Ei Animation's still there... Guess we'll see.

Anyways, just wanted to get that out there to folks! Been busy with some new artwork and Triverse materials, more specifically the BOOK 1 cover w/ my collaborators, so... that's been life along with summer awesome. Hope your summer's off to a solid start, BTW!

Also, I released a recent D Barenzu Drive-In Discussion on TWO films recently- "Inside Out" and "Jurassic World". As always, link will be below if you're interested in my opinions for either film. And thanks if you're reading!…

P.S: Nothing from Perfect Memory will affect the canon of "Stitch Triverse", since Zutto is deemed not canon in said story lore and the canon in Triverse is all new from a mid-point of "Stitch!". However, if something well worth it does pop up, I will consider throwing it into the lore of Triverse. Planet of Sand didn't have much to add anyways (save for those aliens with the trunks, but even still, they were a fairly generic alien species, not enough to be added into Triverse lore), so I'm hopeful Perfect Memory might differ in that angle for material. We shall see though!

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